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Life Insurance for Recently Married

Have you recently gotten married?

After getting married, it is important to review your life insurance needs. If one spouse is not working, he or she might be dependent on the working spouse’s income; if so, reviewing life and disability insurance coverage is prudent.

The spouse who is not working outside the home should also consider having a separate life insurance policy because, in the event of premature death, the services he or she provides for the household would need to be replaced, and that could prove costly to the surviving spouse.

Moreover, even if both spouses are working, couples often make financial commitments based on both incomes so the loss of one spouse’s income due to death or disability could be financially devastating without adequate insurance.

Insurance needs change as circumstances in your lives change, which is why an annual insurance review is recommended by our agency.

Please contact our office at your earliest convenience for a no-obligation review.

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